Introducing your Bengal to their new home


    When your cat is ready to leave we will give you a small blanket that has been placed in their bed over a short period of time and this will obviously hold scent from its old surroundings/home. This will help your kitten settle into their new home, help it to relax and slowly familiarise itself with its new forever home.

    It can be very daunting for a kitten being taken from what it sees as a haven to unfamiliar surroundings without its brothers, sisters and of course their mother.  To avoid undue stress, it is recommended that you set aside a small room (safe haven) and place your kitten in that room with its toys, scratch post, litter tray, food, biscuits and water bowl. Ensure its food, biscuits, and water bowl are on the opposite side of the litter tray. I will bag up some litter from its old litter tray for its new litter tray, again this will hold scent from a familiar territory and will avoid your kitten having mishaps.  It is also helpful for you to show the kitten where its litter tray is positioned and even placing the kitten in there, so it knows the route back to it when it is ready to use it.

    The small blanket I give you will need to be placed inside your kitten's bed, preferably on the top so that it can smell the scent from familiar surroundings.  

    It is especially important to allow your kitten time to adjust, do not rush it and do not be tempted to open the door and let it out into the wide-open space of your home, it will seem a vast area and very frightening. Ensure you spend lots of time with your new kitten, playing and helping it to adjust and give it lots of cuddles if its happy for you to do this.  Do not forcefully hold it if it is struggling, allow it time to trust you by holding it for a few seconds and then placing it gently down.  This will help it realise it can trust you.

    Because I have consistently handled the kittens they should be more than trusting of its human slave, so reward that trust with lots of strokes and fuss. Love your kitten and it will love you back and your kitten will in turn become even more confident and playful. A real fur baby bundle.

    Try and avoid loud noises around the kitten and make sure it has somewhere in its room where it can hide if it needs to and watch it gradually let you know when it is ready to investigate your home. I normally find it can take 7-14 days, please do not rush this time to adapt, it really will be worth the wait and you will be rewarded with an incredibly happy kitten.


    I have left this until last as I consider this to be extremely important.  Bengal kittens/cats are renowned for their inquisitive nature and love of water, so please make sure your bathroom/toilet doors are firmly closed when your kitten is ready to be let outside of its room. Kittens will clamber into a toilet and then unable to escape and will drown. This has been known to happen and I cannot stress enough that you take time to think about any other areas of your home that might be a danger to your kitten, windows left open, electric wiring (they love to chew), a gap in the floorboard, a gap behind the oven, any areas that could pose a danger to your kitten. Think about this carefully before you are left regretting it!

    Lastly, remember patience come to those who wait, and I wish you good luck and happy memories with your beautiful Bengal kitten.

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