• Cat Carrier:  You will need a carrier for safety.  This can be used to take them home in and when they need to visit the vets. If you are going on a long journey, ensure you take water bowl along and of course a small litter tray.
    • Pet Insurance:  Bengals are one of the most active breeds and of course like any other pet there is the risk of injury and accidents. With vet bills so high you would want to ensure you are fully covered for your Bengal Cat. (**see below)
    • Cat Tree:  Some people would suggest that a cat tree is not a necessity for the active Bengal cat, well I beg to differ. It is important to give them an area where they can climb and jump safely, as well as being able to sharpen their claws. A cat tree will prevent your cat looking to use your furniture as a scratch post or climbing area. (**see below)
    • Scratching Post:  Not everyone has room for a cat tree, then maybe compromise and provide a scratching post. Bengals like most cats need to sharpen their claws, a scratching post will enable them the opportunity to use this instead of furniture.  (**see below)
    • Litter Box Is a requirement, Bengal cats again like all cats need a litter box to use as a toilet. Otherwise, you will find they will look to use an area they consider suitable. (**see below)
    • Litter The litter you place in their litter box is particularly important to your Bengal cat.  They have been used to using the same litter from the start and changing this could upset them and cause confusion, may even lead them to believe this is not their toilet and they will look for another location to use. It is also especially important that their litter box is kept clean and regularly emptied. A Bengal cat like most other cats hate using a dirty toilet - think of it like you using the toilet which has not been flushed! Not nice. Do not use clay-based litter whilst your kitten is young, they tend to eat the litter, and this can clump in their throat and choke them. (**see below)
    • Flea, Tick & Worm ProtectionYour Bengal cat is sold as an indoor cat; however, it is still important to treat them regularly for flea, tick & worm protection. (We will advise you when your kitten was last treated and when their next treatment is due).  Your vet will weigh them to ensure they are provided with the correct dosage thus preventing diseases and ongoing health issues. 
    • Cat Toys:  As mentioned Bengal cats are continually active and can get irritated when bored, toys are a good stimulation and help towards their exercise. Try teaching them to play fetch with a ball or similar toy, Bengal cats are renown for this game, and they can interact with their owner.  
    • Cat Wheels: Cat wheels are a great idea, keep your kitten/cat healthy and helps them to run off all that Bengal energy. A Cat Wheel is a great investment, and you will wonder why you never had one before. Please see me for recommendations.
    • Food DishYou will need to place their food dish in the same area always, so consider this spot carefully. Also ensure the food placed in the dish is fresh and the dish is regularly cleaned. Bengals are notoriously fussy when it comes to dirty dishes and there is also the risk of them catching bugs or even acne (apparently this is caused because of lack of hygiene). 
    • Wet Food Many experts say that Bengals should never be fed dry food.  You will need quality wet food to feed your Bengal. (I will recommend the wet food your kitten has been fed).  
    • Dry Food:  I would suggest having a dish of dried food available always and again make sure it is a recommended quality brand. (I will recommend the dried food your kitten has been fed), dried food will keep their teeth in good condition.
    • Water Dish Like the food dish, you want to get a water dish that does not hold or harbour bacteria. Further, you may also want to consider getting an automatic water dish or water fountain as well. It is most important that you ensure you constantly change the water. 
    • Brush:  Bengals like any other cat, will shed their fur sometimes.  This is especially true when they are growing a new coat.  The best way to deal with it is to brush them regularly.

    **I will advise which items to purchase for your Bengal kitten prior to you collecting your kitten. You will be provided with 4wks free pet insurance and it is recommended that you continue with this cover. You will receive a welcome pack with an Information sheet to ensure your Bengal kitten has all the necessities to be happy and content with its new forever family.

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