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    Before you decide to purchase a Bengal kitten, please take the time to read our 'Useful Info' This page gives guidance, help and understanding, together with some history on the Bengal. Trust me there is always more to learn about this intriguing breed, they can be extremely loving and adorable given the correct environment and can totally worship their owners.

    Bengal kittens are highly active, extremely nosey, and inquisitive, this can inevitably lead to your kitten being at risk, so the best way to deal with this is to firstly ensure your home is child friendly. Bengal kittens are full of energy and constantly play, so it is important to counteract this energy and provide them with lots of cat toys or you could end up with a destructive kitten. Nothing worse than a bored Bengal, they will literally trash the place!

    I am not trying to put you off, but far too often you hear of people complaining after they have taken a Bengal kitten home and that they have had enough, because it is either way too destructive or has far too much energy. Hearing this is soul destroying, if you are truly serious about owning a Bengal then please make the time to research their background, be prepared, ready and then enjoy! Bengal's adore company and love to be loved, you can then be rewarded with a fantastic lovable feline.

    Hopefully our 'Useful Info' has offered you the best advice and help you to determine if a Bengal kitten is right for you and your family.  I would also add if you do not already own an active cat, it is worth thinking about having two Bengal kittens, who can keep each other occupied and burn off all that energy with each other.

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